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It was an ambitious production, but it wasn’t uniquely suited to TV—it was like theatre, only with more technical glitches.

In “The Box,” an oral history of television, James Hirschfeld, who worked on “Action,” said, “Sound was the biggest problem.

“Watching it, you had to turn around the whole time to make sure you weren’t missing anything in the back of the car, which felt annoying,” Blackaller said. segment produced by another company, I experienced a nightmarish version of the latter: I flew through the air, my legs dangling below me, scrawny and immovable.

So they decided to film from the back right seat instead. experiences, the viewer feels invisible; in others, one can look down to see one’s body represented onscreen. My arms were those of a white man in his thirties, which happened to match my anatomy but might have been distracting, if not alarming, to most humans.

If a meeting in Culver City begins with an executive offering you a bottle of water and a nondisclosure agreement, you start a meeting in Venice by grabbing a La Croix seltzer from the communal fridge and pulling up a chair.

On a Friday morning in March, I walked from Wevr’s office on Rose Avenue, a modern cinder-block structure, to its office on Indiana Avenue, a stark trapezoid of corrugated steel set off from the street by two huge succulents and a white picket fence.

Depending on where you’re looking, you might notice one of the women on the curb directing a side-eye glance at Renee, or you might miss it. You and Renee stay in the car, and Renee takes a phone call. While researching this piece, I sometimes had trouble sleeping, which is unusual for me.

You can turn your head slightly to listen to her, or you can turn farther to watch Dell and the old lady, or you can keep turning until you see two plainclothes cops lurking half a block away. I avoid looking at computers before bed, because they have been linked with disturbed sleep. experiences, you simply enjoy the ride; in “interactive” ones, the environment responds to your choices.

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Dell parks outside the bodega, where locals are gathered on the sidewalk. Dell gets out of the car to help an old lady cross the street. “After that, I just wanted to keep pushing,” he told me. It seems to affect old people more strongly than young people and women more strongly than men.

You put your smartphone into a portable device like a Google Cardboard or a Samsung Gear—or you use a more powerful computer-based setup, such as the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive—and the device engulfs your field of vision and tracks your head movement. In 1999, Bravo’s cousin, who lived in Brooklyn, had a brief confrontation with the N. A three-hundred-and-sixty-degree camera rig picks up everything within view, including boom mikes, external lighting, and lingering crew members. (The camera rig itself is edited out later.) On traditional film sets, the director and the crew are present for almost every scene; on this shoot the car would hold only the camera rig and the actors, who would be wearing wireless microphones.