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16-Sep-2017 20:09

If a stranger befriends you online or through social messaging applications such as We Chat and talks you into buying them purchase/gift cards (e.g.

Alipay Purchase Cards, i Tunes) in exchange for a meet-up, date or the promise of sexual favours, this is likely a Credit-for-Sex scam.

“Member of parliament Siew Kum Hong, who supported the petition, said legalising sexual acts between two consenting heterosexual adults while refusing to decriminalise the same acts between homosexual men was discriminatory.

But Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong weighed in for the retention of the law, saying that Singapore remains a conservative society -- with the traditional family as its main building bloc -- and homosexuals cannot set the tone for the mainstream.

But a rare petition read in parliament to abolish the law banning sex between men sparked the most passionate debates in the normally staid legislature dominated by the ruling People's Action Party.

Legislators supporting the law's retention centred their arguments on the need to maintain family and moral values in the conservative Asian society, while proponents appealed for equal treatment of minorities guaranteed by the constitution.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported: “That case provoked rare public criticism of Singapore's government.

Protests over the law filled newspaper forum pages and buzzed in internet chat rooms.

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Singapore would adapt to global economic changes in order to stay competitive, but must take a more cautious approach when it comes to moral values, Lee said.In the city-state's first major penal code amendments in 22 years, parliament repealed a section criminalising "carnal intercourse against the order of nature." Parliament however kept the penal code's section 377A, which makes sex between men a criminal offence, rejecting a petition by gay-rights activists and their non-homosexual supporters to abolish the law as well.