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Now, the word "archive" has different meanings depending on how it is used; in this case, I specifically mean the ability to maintain files on the destination drive that no longer appear on the source drive.This happens when you backup your Photos or i Photo Library and then, before the next backup, delete a few images.Backing up and archiving your Photos or i Photo Library, and all the images it holds can be one of the most critical tasks you need to regularly perform.Digital photos are among the most important and meaningful files you keep on your computer, and as with any important files, you should maintain current backups of them.This isn't a concern for the normal use of Time Machine as a backup system, something used to restore your Mac to its present condition should something bad happen.

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If you've created additional libraries, they need to be backed up, just like the default Photos Library.

The next time the backup is run, you want to ensure that the images you deleted from the library aren't also removed from the existing backup.

There are a number of backup apps that can handle this scenario, including Carbon Copy Cloner 4.x or later.

Once the images are downloaded to your Mac, the flash storage device is more than likely erased to make room for a new batch of photos. If you’re an avid photographer, your image library has the potential to be bursting at the seams with images you've taken over the years.

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More than likely, you've gone through your Photos or i Photo Library a few times, and deleted images you decided you no longer needed.I have a client who is having a lot of trouble managing his photos.

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