American girl dating turkish guy the truths about dating and mating pdf

19-Nov-2017 21:22

And If you don´t like us than go away because such people are not welcome here, but if you are going to show some respect than we can talk friendly And why do you ask such bad questions? You´re just trying to twist my words for whatever insane reason i have no idea.

People like you are the reason many don´t like Turkish people because you assume everyone has something against you, i have not stated in either the question or comments to you that i don´t like Turkish people and how the hell do you know what my religion is?

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However, what I’ve done and what my boyfriend has done since we’ve left our respective countries makes us who we are, not the cultures that lay claim to us.

For the past two years of the four I’ve lived abroad, I’ve been dating a Turkish man.